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Walt Kaiser on what it means to speak prophetically

To speak prophetically, according to one contemporary usage, is to address the current ills and injustices of society from a courageous, if not also from a somewhat unpopular point of view when judged by those content with he status quo. … Continue reading

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Millard Erickson on the instantaneous nature and abiding effects of the new birth

Further, it appears that the new birth is itself instantaneous. Nothing in the descriptions of the new birth suggests that it is a process rather than a single action. It is nowhere characterized as incomplete. Scripture speaks of believers as … Continue reading

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Vern Poythress: “Religion can be a deadly thing” and “Jesus came to heal heart corruption, not merely to reform people’s behavior”

Commenting on the religious leaders during Jesus’ day as recorded in the Gospels: Their situation shows a special irony. Their very religiosity and the satisfactory sense that they had of their own lives were keeping them from genuine religious health. … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright on the importance, purpose, and practice of the public reading of Scripture

[In] public worship where the reading of Scripture is given its proper place, the authority of God places a direct challenge to the authority of the powers, not least those who use the media, in shaping the mind and life … Continue reading

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Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The gospel is an announcement, a declaration, a proclamation, not an opinion

Lloyd-Jones is here preaching on 1 John 1:1-3, “[That] which we have seen and heard declare we unto you…” The gospel is an announcement. We can put that negatively by saying that the gospel of Jesus Christ is not a … Continue reading

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Paul Little on “the suggestion that the pursuit of truth is more important than attaining it”

I would be the last one to suggest that we as Christians have all the answers to the problems of the world, or even all the answers to the problems in Christianity. By no means! One Christian, the French philosopher and mathematician Pascal, pointed out … Continue reading

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From the preface to “A General Theory of Love”: Every book is an argument/arrow.

Every book, if it is anything at all, is an argument: an articulate arrow of words, fledged and notched and newly anointed with sharpened stone, speeding through paragraphs to its shimmering target…Turn the page, and the arrow is loosed. The … Continue reading

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