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Jay Adams on the “discipline dilemma”: It takes discipline for undisciplined persons to become disciplined.

While it is absolutely necessary for undisciplined persons to become disciplined, the problem is that they find it very difficult to do so without help because they are caught in the discipline dilemma: it takes discipline to become disciplined. That … Continue reading

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John Frame on the danger of hearing/studying the word of God “merely as an academic exercise”

So the word of God is powerful both in judgment and in blessing. These are the twin covenant sanctions. In the covenant, the Lord promises blessing to the obedient, judgment to the disobedient (Deut. 27-28). So the commandments of God … Continue reading

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Michael Haykin on meditative reading and the use of “spiritual classics”

The reading of spiritual classics should differ from other types of reading. One reads a newspaper dictionary or textboook for factual information or imediate answers to questions but in spiritual reading one seeks to inflame the heart towards God as … Continue reading

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Tim Chester on what we learn by our feasting and fasting

Eating is an expression of our dependence. God made us in such a way that we need to eat. We’re embedded in creation; this means that every time we eat, we’re reminded of our dependence on others. Few of us … Continue reading

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