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Jay Strother on training parents to disciple their children and “the false and fleeting values” of materialism

Strother describes what he discovered when he began to try to train parents in his church to disciple their children: In the early days of planning, we assumed that pretty much every parent would agree with us when it came … Continue reading

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Population Reference Bureau answering, Which is worse for children: witnessing “disturbed family relations” or the divorce itself?

People who experience parental divorce while growing up face an elevated risk, in adulthood, of seeing their own marriages end in divorce… Our research suggests that it is the actual termination of the marriage, rather than the disturbed family relations that precede marital dissolution, that affects … Continue reading

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James Hamilton on the significance of the words that come after the Shema: “It doesn’t take a village; it takes a father.”

After discussing the “Shema” of Deut. 6:4-6 and explaining its content, Hamilton says: Pause here and consider the profound significance of what Moses announces in Deuteronomy 6:4-6: Yahweh alone is God; Israel is to love him; his commands are to … Continue reading

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Stroope: The absolute truth about relativism and the role we play in teaching our children

One of the reasons that beliefs and behaviors once considered depraved [by our culture at large] are now considered normal is that parents have been reluctant to teach children a standard of absolute moral truth. In his bestselling book The … Continue reading

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Steve Stroope: “Should we cram religion down our kids’ throats?”

“I don’t think I should cram religion down my child’s throat!” Sound familiar? It was the theme of an entire generation. Many people in our era were raised by parents who found church boring while growing up, so they decided … Continue reading

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