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“Being in love is a good thing, but it is not the best thing,” C.S. Lewis

What we call “being in love” is a glorious state, and, in several ways, good for us. It helps to make us generous and courageous, it opens our eyes not only to the beauty of the beloved but to all … Continue reading

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Eckhard Schnabel: “Paul was a missionary, not a religionist involved in a dialogue.”

After working through Paul’s teaching in Romans 1:18-32 and Acts 17:22-31, Schnabel responds to a document (“Ecumenical considerations for dialogue and relations with people of other religions”) put out by the World Council of Churches in 2002: While the apostle … Continue reading

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John Frame on the difference between orthodox and modern views of revelation: “intellectual autonomy”

What distinguishes modern views of revelation from orthodox (to my mind biblical) views is their affirmation of human autonomy in the realm of knowledge. Intellectual autonomy is the view that human beings have the right to seek knowledge of God’s world … Continue reading

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Tim Chester on finding identity in the food we eat

For some food is aspirational. We use it to express the image or lifestyle to which we aspire. Organic and whole-food produce–these are the things that prove you’re enlightened and politically aware. Or maybe it’s steaks and burgers–they make you … Continue reading

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Nancy Pearcey on evolution as a religion

We could even say that Darwinism itself often functions as an alternative religion. In fact, that’s exactly what philosopher of science Micahel Ruse does say. Ruse is a pugnacious and aggressive evolutionist, who testified in court against an Arkansas creationist … Continue reading

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Ken Sande and Tom Raabe (and Luther): Idolatry is not so ancient

Most of us think of an idol as a statue of wood, stone, or metal worshiped by pagan people. But the concept is much broader and far more personal than that. An idol is anything apart from God that we … Continue reading

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