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John Frame: Knowledge of God, self, and the world are all interrelated; and “Reformed theology needs to give more attention to the subjective side of theology.”

  I’ve mentioned that our knowledge of God is under his control and under his authority; that means that we have to seek knowledge in God’s way. The third lordship attribute, God’s presence, is also relevant to our knowledge of … Continue reading

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John Frame on whether biblical theology is more biblical than systematic theology

People often get excited about biblical theology (as opposed, particularly, to systematics) because it seem to them to be close to the biblical text. It uses more of the actual biblical vocabulary than does systematics, and it goes through the … Continue reading

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Jonathan Gibson on the difference between being “biblical” and “biblicist”

We suggest that articulating definite atonement is similar to articulating doctrines like the Trinity or the two natures of Christ. The approach needs to be biblical, but not biblicist. No one text “proves” definite atonement, any more than one text … Continue reading

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Gerald Rau on the habits of extreme positions

Use of antagonistic terminology has led to polarization of the question of origins. When any group feels attacked and disrespected, this naturally leads to a hardening of their position as they become defensive and seek to promote their cause. This … Continue reading

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John Broadus on the advantage of theological conflicts

Theological discords and conflicts, with all their evils, have this advantage, that they  compel the most trusting and the most slothful of us to feel the necessity of thinking for ourselves. John Broadus, A Treatise on the Preparation and Delivery … Continue reading

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Daniel Doriani on professing to submit to Scripture and actually submitting to Scripture

The submissive [or conservative] interpreter bows to the God who reveals himself in Scripture and accepts, in principle, whatever it says. If the Bible upsets a cherished conviction, we say, “I stand corrected,” not “I wonder.” Facing a difficult teaching, … Continue reading

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John Calvin on “the proper fruit of heavenly doctrine”

From Calvin’s comments on Luke 24:32, “Did not our hearts burn within us while [Jesus] spoke to us on the road, while he opened up to us the Scriptures.” It cannot be doubted that he then engraved an uncommon mark … Continue reading

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Paul Tripp on the “false definition of maturity that is the result of the academic enculturation that tends to take place in seminary.”

It is quite easy in ministry to give in to a subtle but significant redefinition of what spiritual maturity is and does. This definition has it roots in how we think about what sin is and what sin does. I … Continue reading

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Mitch Chase on the roadblock in his heart regarding divine predestination: “I didn’t want an electing God.”

A biblical view of predestination affirms both divine rule and human responsibility. More than anything else the doctrine of predestination asserts God’s sovereign freedom as the Potter who can do whatever he wants with whomever he wants. Years ago when … Continue reading

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C.H. Spurgeon: “Preach the love of God in connection with his justice”

Preach earnestly the love of God in Christ Jesus, and magnify the abounding mercy of the Lord; but always preach it in connection with His justice. Do not extol the single attribute of love in the method too generally followed, … Continue reading

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