John Frame on the touchy subject of intellectual authoritarianism for modern people

God rejects the wisdom of the world and calls His people to a  special wisdom of His own that is sharply at odds with the world’s values. Believers are to stand for God’s wisdom and against false teaching, even under the most difficult challenges. This is a touchy subject for modern people; intellectual authoritarianism is difficult to present attractively! Intellectual freedom, academic freedom, freedom of speech and thought–these are important values in our time. Can modern people be brought to worship a God who is an intellectual authoritarian? That depends, of course on God and His grace. The fact is, however, that this authoritarianism is the source of true intellectual freedom. Human thinking must be subject to a norm, to a criterion. If we reject God our norm, we must find another (rationalism) or despair entirely of knowledge (skepticism). Rationalism brings intellectual bondage to human systems, and skepticism is intellectual death. When we serve God, however, our minds are set free from human traditions and from the death of skepticism to accomplish their great tasks.

John Frame, The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God, 124-125

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