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John Piper on the way moralists/legalists/Pharisees are blood brothers with immoralists/antinomians/prodigals/progressives

[Legalism] means treating Biblical standards of conduct as regulations to be kept by our own power in order to earn God’s favor. In other words, legalism is present whenever a person is trying to be ethical in his own strength, … Continue reading

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John Piper: “[God’s glory] is no isolated note in the symphony of redemptive history.”

God’s ultimate commitment is to himself and not to us. And therein lies our security. God loves His glory above all… This is no isolated note in the symphony of redemptive history. It is the ever-recurring motif of the all-sufficient … Continue reading

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Will from “Thirteen Moons” on language translation: “All translations miss something. Some miss almost everything.”

Here the main character, Will, is explaining what happened when he told his native American friend, Bear, a joke about a hunting dog named Blue: When I finished telling the story, Bear did not laugh and looked more puzzled than … Continue reading

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