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N.T. Wright on the importance, purpose, and practice of the public reading of Scripture

[In] public worship where the reading of Scripture is given its proper place, the authority of God places a direct challenge to the authority of the powers, not least those who use the media, in shaping the mind and life … Continue reading

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John Frame: “Does God choose us for salvation and then move us to respond, or do we first choose him and thereby motivate him to choose us for salvation?”

Commenting on Ephesians 1:4-6 and 2 Timothy 1:9, Here we learn of God’s choice (election is the theological term) of a people for himself, before the foundation of the world… [Salvation] is therefore ultimately by divine appointment, divine choice (cf. … Continue reading

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John Frame on the difference between orthodox and modern views of revelation: “intellectual autonomy”

What distinguishes modern views of revelation from orthodox (to my mind biblical) views is their affirmation of human autonomy in the realm of knowledge. Intellectual autonomy is the view that human beings have the right to seek knowledge of God’s world … Continue reading

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John Frame on sanctification by imitation, and the atonement as exemplary for the Christian life and preaching

From Frame’s chapter entitled “Human Beings as Revelation”: Imitation of other persons is an important means of learning in general, and specifically an important means of learning the Word of God. As I indicated in the last chapter, understanding the … Continue reading

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