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Paul Little on “the suggestion that the pursuit of truth is more important than attaining it”

I would be the last one to suggest that we as Christians have all the answers to the problems of the world, or even all the answers to the problems in Christianity. By no means! One Christian, the French philosopher and mathematician Pascal, pointed out … Continue reading

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Charles Spurgeon on how he came to see that “God was at the bottom of it all” as it regards his conversion

When I was coming to Christ, I thought I was doing it all myself, and though I sought the Lord earnestly, I had no idea the Lord was seking me. I do not think the young convert is at first … Continue reading

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George Mueller on how he embraced “the doctrines of election, particular redemption and final persevering grace” and the effect this had on his soul

Before this period I had been much opposed to the doctrines of election, particular redemption and final persevering grace. But now I was brought to examine these precious truths by the Word of God. Being made willing to have no … Continue reading

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Piper on the unavoidability of feeding our faith with controversial teachings

Can controversial teachings nurture Christlikenes? Before you answer this question, ask another one: Are there any significant biblical teachings that have not been controversial? I cannot think of even one, let alone the number we all need for the daily … Continue reading

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Piper: “One of the tragedies of growing up is getting used to things.”

One of the tragedies of growing up is that we get used to things. It has its good side of course, since irritations may cease to be irritations. But there is immense loss when we get used to the redness … Continue reading

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Wells defining materialism and secularism and how each plays out, particularly in the West

Materialism is the view that there is nothing but matter: there is no spiritual dimension, no moral world, no supernatural, and no God. Materialists are therefore opposed to idealists, who think that reality is ideas, and to any understanding of … Continue reading

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Wells on the complexity of conversion and the danger of eliciting “decisions” without soul-travail

A significant part of the evangelical world encourages us to think of a simple, all-embracing, momentary crisis as the standard form of conversion. But conversion, our turning to God, is better understood if we view it as a complex process. … Continue reading

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