Tim Chester/Barbara Kingsolver on our nutritional crisis and feminism

The best thing you can do for your health is to eat less processed food, which is full of added sugar, salt, and fat–none of which is good for us in large quantities. “When my generation of women walked away from the kitchen,” Barbara Kingsolver says, “we were escorted down that path by a profiteering industry that knew a tired, vulnerable marketing target when they saw it. ‘Hey, ladies,’ it said to us, ‘go ahead, get liberated. We’ll take care of dinner.’ They threw open the door and we walked into a nutritional crisis and genuinely toxic food supply.” Many of us have structured our busy lives around the availability of processed food, so we may need to change our lifestyles as well as our shopping baskets if we want to enjoy good food in good company.

Tim Chester, A Meal with Jesus, p. 68-69


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