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Hershael York on the importance, the existence, and the denial of authorial intent

Communication is successful only when the receptor accurately decodes the signal and comprehends the meaning that the source intended. Modern theories of art and literature have attempted to remove the source from the equation entirely. For centureis people read a book … Continue reading

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Graeme Goldsworthy on distinguishing the gospel from the response or results of the gospel

The main message of the Bible about Jesus Christ can easily become mixed with all sorts of things that are related to it. We see this in the way people define or preach the gospel. But it is important to … Continue reading

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Stott on unpopularity in preaching

So consistent is this tradition of unpopular preaching, both in Scripture and in Church history, and so contrary to the preacher’s natural inclination to be popular, and to comfort people rather than to disturb them, that we are prompted to inquire into … Continue reading

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Merle D’Aubigne on “the powerful lever which, in the Sixteenth Century, raised up the fallen churches, and brought souls to Christ”

D’Aubigne commenting on why his book History of the Reformation had such success: Is it not because the truth of God is openly proclaimed in the work? The doctrine of justification by faith in Christ is presented as being what … Continue reading

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Gilbert Meilaender: Relativism or “diversity” as self-protection

His answer when asked, “How has this generation’s view of morality changed from generations past?” I think we are in the process of raising a generation of people who are relativists. Not theoretical relativists, but practical relativists. That’s what “diversity” … Continue reading

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Stott on what we should call our church leaders

In seeking to reestablish [the importance of the pastorate], it would be helpful simultaneously to recover for these overseers the New Testament designation ‘pastor’. ‘Minister’ is a misleading term because it is generic rather than specific, and always therefore requires … Continue reading

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Wendell Berry: Help the environment; stop using the word “environment”.

The idea that we live in something called “the environment,” for instance, is utterly preposterous. This word came into use because of the pretentiousness of learned experts who were embarrassed by the religious associations of “Creation” and who thought “world” … Continue reading

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