Owen: Mere creature-ly grace will not do

If all the world should drink free grace, mercy and pardon from Christ, the well of salvation; if they should draw strength from one single promise, they would not be able to lower the level of water of grace in that promise one hair’s breadth. There is enough grace, mercy and pardon in one of God’s promises for the sins of millions of worlds, if they existed, because the promise is supplied from an infinite, bottomless reservoir. What is one finite guilt before this infinite and eternal reservoir of grace? Show me the sinner who can spread out his sins to infinite dimensions and I will show him this infinite and eternal reservoir of grace and mercy. Beware, then, of those who would rob you of the deity of Christ. If there were no more grace for me than what is treasured up in a mere creature, I would rejoice if my eternity was under rocks and mountains, hidden for ever from divine wrath.

John Owen, Communion with God, p. 62

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A beggar trying to tell other beggars were the Bread is.
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