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Owen on “The person to be adopted”

From a section in Communion with God when Owen is teaching on the adoption as a metaphor for salvation: The person to be adopted must be actually, and of his own right, of another family than that into which he is … Continue reading

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Wesley: “Know you not, that you can do nothing but sin, till you are reconciled to God?”

From a sermon entitled “The Righteousness of Faith” preached from Romans 10:5-8: Whosoever therefore you are, who desires to be forgiven and reconciled to the favor of God, do not say in your heart, “I must first do this; I … Continue reading

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Owen: Mere creature-ly grace will not do

If all the world should drink free grace, mercy and pardon from Christ, the well of salvation; if they should draw strength from one single promise, they would not be able to lower the level of water of grace in … Continue reading

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Stroope: The absolute truth about relativism and the role we play in teaching our children

One of the reasons that beliefs and behaviors once considered depraved [by our culture at large] are now considered normal is that parents have been reluctant to teach children a standard of absolute moral truth. In his bestselling book The … Continue reading

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Owen: “There is a fit object for your highest love.”

The souls of men naturally seek something which will bring rest and peace of mind, something that will satisfy and delight them. There are two ways that men go about trying to get what they are looking for. Some set … Continue reading

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Steve Stroope: “Should we cram religion down our kids’ throats?”

“I don’t think I should cram religion down my child’s throat!” Sound familiar? It was the theme of an entire generation. Many people in our era were raised by parents who found church boring while growing up, so they decided … Continue reading

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