Rick Holland: Is your idea of church about you, “Christianness”, or Christ?

The goal of [a church’s] gathering is to come to maturity in Christ. The goal of our relationships is to encourage and spur one another on to maturity in Christ. The church exists for Jesus, for maturity in Jesus, for knowledge of Jesus, for growth in Jesus, for growth to  Jesus. I think the biggest, most fundamental problem of every human heart saved by grace entering into the church is simply this: we come to the church with the expectation that this is going to be something for us before it is something for Jesus…

Reader, the church exists for Jesus. He built it so He would be loved and worshiped in spirit and in truth, not to whip the members into a frenzy of Christianness. Before you’re critical of any church, ask yourself if your own heart is more inclined toward Jesus because of your association with these people.

Rick Holland, Uneclipsing the Son p. 103-104


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