Keller: No God, no love; Uni-personal God, no love; Triune God, love is ultimate

Different views of God have different implications. If there’s no God–if we are here by blind chance, strictly as a result of natural selection–then what you and I call love is just a chemical condition of the brain. Evolutionary biologists say there’s nothing in us that isn’t there because it helped our ancestors pass on the genetic code more successfully. If you feel love, it’s only because that combination of chemicals enables you to survive and gets your body parts in the places they need to be in order to pass on the genetic code. That’s all love is–chemistry. On the other hand, if God exists but is unipersonal [as opposed to the Triune God of Christianity] , there was a time when God was not love. Before God created the world, when there was only one divine person, there was no lover, because love can exist only in a relationship. If a unipersonal God had created the world and its inhabitants, such a  God would not in his essence be love. Power and greatness possibly , but not love. But if from all eternity, without end and without beginning, ultimate reality is a community of persons knowing and loving one another [i.e. the Triune God of Christianity], then ultimate reality is about love relationships.

Tim Keller, King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus, p. 9.

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