ML-J: A sermon is a message, not a “running commentary” or “mechanical explanation”

Lloyd-Jones is speaking to ministers on the error of preaching a text of Scripture as if the preacher was a robot interpreter or a mere commentator:

People say it is biblical. It is not. It is biblical to bring out a message. A mechanical explanation of the meaning of words, etc. is not preaching. Scripture has to be fused into a message, with point and power – a sermon has to be something that is moving and which sends people away glorying in God. We have got to bring a message and deliver it ‘in demonstration of the Spirit and of power’. M’Cheyne did not just prepare sermons. He had the burden of the people on his soul and he came from God with a message. This was the glory of a man like C.H. Spurgeon. His sermons had form and thurst and made an impact. This whole notion of a message needs to be recaptured. The hardest part of a minister’s work is the preparation of sermons. It is a trying process. There is an agony in it, an act of creation. That is why I feel so well at the moment [ML-J had just retired.], I do not prepare three sermons a week.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones quoted from D. Martyn Lloyd Jones, Vol. 2 by Iain Murray

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