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Keller: Traditionalists and progressives, moralists and self-discoverers, the narrow-minded and the open-minded are both self-righteous

Commenting on Mark 3:6, The “traditional values” approach to life is moral conformity–the approach taken by the Pharisees. It is that you must lead a very, very good life. The progressive approach, embodied in the Herodians, is self-discovery–y0u have to … Continue reading

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Wesley: Repent of your righteousness

When preaching on “Salvation by Faith” Wesley answers the objection “If a man cannot be saved by all that he can do, this will drive men to despair.” To this Wesley replies: True, to despair of being saved by their … Continue reading

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Keller: Our deepest wishes are bad saviors. We must go deeper.

From a chapter discussing the healing of the roof-crashing paralytic in Mark 2: The Bible says that our real problem is that every one of us is building our identity on something besides Jesus. Whether it’s to succeed in our … Continue reading

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Keller: No God, no love; Uni-personal God, no love; Triune God, love is ultimate

Different views of God have different implications. If there’s no God–if we are here by blind chance, strictly as a result of natural selection–then what you and I call love is just a chemical condition of the brain. Evolutionary biologists … Continue reading

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Lloyd-Jones on the purpose of theological education

ML-J speaking to London Bible College on how to gage the effectiveness of theological education: Are the men more certain  of the truth at the end of their studies than at the beginning? Are they more steadfast? Do they know … Continue reading

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Stanley Fish: Everyone has faith and no one has an open mind

Former English professor at UC-Berkley, Johns Hopkins, and Duke being interviewed in World magazine: Faith in some large general sense is inescapable. Sometimes the arguments agaisnt religion are posed as a contrast between knowing by faith and knowing by more objective … Continue reading

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Ed Clowney on the first step to discerning a call to ministry: repent

There is no call to the ministry that is not first a call to Christ. You dare not lift your hands to place God’s name in blessing on his people until you have first clasped them in in penitent petition … Continue reading

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