Lloyd-Jones: When the note of judgment is silenced churches will become empty

First and foremost we are face to face with the fact of the wrath of God…God has decided and ordered and arranged that a life of forgetfulness of Him, and of antagonism to Him, shall not be successful and happy. Cursing falls upon such a way of life. The facts of life, the story of history, proclaim the wrath of God against all ungodliness and unrighteousness. That is our fist problem. We have sinned against God…

It is as the idea of judgment and the wrath of god have fallen into the background that our churches have become increasingly empty. The idea has gained currency that the love of God somehow covers everything, and that it matters very little what we may do, because the love of God will put everything right at the end. The more the Church has accommodated her message to suit the palate of the people the greater has been the decline in attendance at places of worship.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones quoted from D.M. Lloyd-Jones: The Fight of Faith by Iain Murray

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