E.Y. Mullins: The Bible is a telescope, not an idol

E.Y. Mullins replies to those who would accuse certain persons of worshiping the Bible (i.e. bibliolators) with an analogy between the Bible and a telescope:

The telescope is interposed between the eye and the heavenly body. The astronomer is not accused of worshiping the telescope or advised to pursue the science of astronomy without its aid. The telescope tells him what he could never discover without it. He relies upon it as an “authority,” and carries forward the discoveries of science. Thus it appears that the objector to an authoritative Bible is on the wrong scent altogether. He is unconvinced by arguments for an infallible or inerrant Bible, or he is unwilling to accept the decree of the early councils which may be supposed to have fixed the canon of Scripture. From these premises he proceeds to the attempt to convict the others of bibliolatry. But he has missed the point entirely. He has torn the Bible away from its true context in its own spiritual order and judged it thus.

E.Y. Mullins quoted from Baptists and the Bible by L. Russ Bush and Thomas J. Nettles, p. 262-3


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