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John Wesley illustrating an “instance” of idolatry: “this whole scheme…of retirement”

After explaining what idolatry is he gives an example: Take an instance that occurs almost every day: A person who has been long involved in the world, surrounded and fatigued with abundance of business, having at length acquired an easy … Continue reading

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The Barmen Declaration to the Reich Church: “Try the spirits whether they are of God!”

The following is from the Barmen Declaration, a document written in 1934 in response to compromises made by professing evangelicals who gave in to the pressure of the Nazi party. Signers and writers of the Barmen Declaration included members of … Continue reading

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Athanasius to the faithful on false teachers’ followers: “Fly from the communion of men whose opinions we hold in execration.”

A letter of Athansius’ written to a younger disciple concerning how he should handle those who follow false teachers: I thank the Lord who has given to you to believe in Him, that you too may have eternal life with … Continue reading

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Leeman: “The gospel is the power of God unto salvation” is a “faith proposition”

The power of God’s Word [to save sinners and build a church] is a faith proposition. It takes faith to believe that invisible words and the invisble Spirit could give life to a valley of dry bones [Ezek. 37]. By … Continue reading

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Jonathan Leeman’s experience hearing sermons: “the blah-blah-blah of long sermons”

Like many children who grow up in church, I learned how to endure the blah-blah-blah of long sermons. When you’re five or six, you survive them by scrutinizing everything within arm’s reach: the back of the head in front of … Continue reading

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Lloyd-Jones: When the note of judgment is silenced churches will become empty

First and foremost we are face to face with the fact of the wrath of God…God has decided and ordered and arranged that a life of forgetfulness of Him, and of antagonism to Him, shall not be successful and happy. … Continue reading

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E.Y. Mullins: The Bible is a telescope, not an idol

E.Y. Mullins replies to those who would accuse certain persons of worshiping the Bible (i.e. bibliolators) with an analogy between the Bible and a telescope: The telescope is interposed between the eye and the heavenly body. The astronomer is not accused of … Continue reading

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