John Wesley on Idolatry

This excerpt is from Wesley’s sermon on First John chapter 5 verse 21, “Little children, keep yourselves from idols.”:

[There] is no possibility of loving God except we keep ourselves from idols.

But what are the idols of which the Apostle speaks?…

To [God] therefore, alone, our heart is due. And he cannot, he will not, quit his claim, or consent to its being given to any other. He is continually saying to evey child of man, “My son, give me thy heart!” And to give our heart to any other is plain idolatry. Accordingly, whatever takes our heart from him, or shares it with him, is an idol; or, in other words, whatever we seek happiness in independent of God.

Wesley would go on to mention these as different things we are fond of idolizing: retirement, drinking and eating, our reputation, money, our spouse, our children, hobbies, pets, art, gardening, music, and all sorts of knowledge.

From the sermon “Spiritual Idolatry” by John Wesley, The Works of John Wesley, vol. 6, p. 435-444

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