Haykin: Studying Lloyd-Jones can save Calvinists from their “nugatory circles” and “unduly narrow world”

Micahael Haykin describes those whom “the Doctor” (D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones) can save:

[Lloyd-Jones] was a Calvinist, but a warm-hearted one with an intense desire to experience God…

…I have moved long enough in Calvinistic circles to know that there is a type of Calvisnism, which has its roots all the way back to a few of the Puritans (note, I say a few, by no means all), that I find to inhabit an unduly narrow world taken up not with the great things of the faith, but lesser matters, and, as a result, their Christian ambience is not at all winsome, but very off-putting. Such I feel is not true to the joy of the New Testament church… And the Doctor is a great tonic for all trapped in such nugatory circles.

Michael Haykin, a blog post “On St. David’s Day, remembering “the Doctor” from andrewfullcenter.org

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