Spurgeon on the “indomitableness” of a preacher to preach

A man who has really within him the inspiration of the Holy Ghost calling him to preach, cannot help it–he must preach.  As fire within his bones, so will that influence be, until it blazes forth.  Friends may check him, foes criticize him, despiser sneer at him, the man is indomitable; he must preach if he has the call of Heaven…

I think it is no more possible to make a man cease from preaching, if he is really called, than to stay some mighty cataract, by seeking, in an infant’s cup, to catch the rushing torrent.  The man has been moved of Heaven, who shall stop him? He has been touched of God, who shall impede him?…

And when a man does speak as the Spirit gives him utterance, he will feel a holy joy, akin to that of Heaven; and when it is over, he wishes to be at his work again, he longs to be once more preaching.

Charles Spurgeon quoted from Spurgeon: A New Biography by Arnold Dallimore, p. 30


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