Packer on how “middle-class misconceptions” of godliness kept the psalms from becoming the “emotional world of my prayers”

As for the psalms I am always intrigued to find how Christians relate to them, for it took me years after my conversion to feel at home in them. Why? For two reasons, I think. First, the view of life as a battle, of which…the psalms embody, took longer to root itself in my heart than in my head.  And beyond that, [secondly] the middle-class misconception that tidiness, self-conscious balance and restraint are essentials of godliness–a misconception that makes most of the psalms seem uncouth–possessed both my head and my heart for even longer. More and more, however, the psalmists’ calls for help, their complaints, confessions of sin, depression, celebrations of God, cries of love for him, challenges and commitments to him and hopes placed exclusively in him…have become emotional world of my prayers.  I now think this is how it should be for everyone.

Knowing Christianity by J.I Packer, p. 101

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